Berlin 1989 - The papers were full of it, the TV focussed on it...The Berlin Wall could be coming down soon. I decided to see if I could be present during this event and found that a trip was being organised to go into West Berlin. The flights would be from Luton to Tegel and back.

So I booked my seat but had an idea in mind....I would bring some wall back to be auctioned in the Slough Breast Scanner Appeal. I negotiated with my friend at the Slough Observer who pledged me some of my air fare. A couple of friends at "Hawk" the local motorcycle couriers pledged money if I would photograph their logo (which they supplied) stuck on the Wall. A local publisher offered me money to take some copies of a new book about Slough and give them to the east Germans ! Finally the shop at which I worked pledged me money when I got major publicity standing outside the shop wearing a hard hat.

I drove up to Luton and parked the car and went over to the area where we were to meet up.

It was cold and we were glad to board the aircraft and settle down. In two hours we landed at Tegel and once we had cleared we were met by a courier who took us to a coach on which we went down to Scheidemannstrasse which is beside the Reichstag.